Sunday, February 21, 2010



As of Friday night, on my to-do list is to go pick up a z-pack for my yahoo email account.

I got a virus.

I sat with T in the living room Friday evening, watching a documentary, and heard the bleep from his laptop that meant he had a new message.

"Oh, it's from you."

...I didn't remember sending anything...
But, knowing me, I wrote him a line and forgot about it earlier in the afternoon.

He opened the email, which had a blank subject line (unlike most emails I send), and-

sure enough, there was a random infected link there. All alone, in the email.

As it turned out, that email was being sent to EVERYONE on my list.


There are people on my list I haven't talked to in years. There are some that I barely even know. Lord, there are ex-boyfriends on there!


I got at least one snarky email back from a former acquaintance, and of course that cued an avalanche of guilt and embarrassment.

Those feelings continued deep into the night, after I shut down my computer to stop thinking about it (and that now, as I type, has a slightly different display...I think it's time to format this baby), until...

Wait a second.
Why in the world should I feel embarrassed about getting a virus in my email? Goodness knows I didn't do it on PURPOSE. For that matter, if someone is going to get angry at me for something like that, I daresay that this is not an individual that I'd best be friends with, right? I mean, that seems a little funny to me.

Besides, why should the behavior of random virus-spreading trickster folk in any way reflect mine?

The likelihood is that, in looking for wedding inspiration, I've clicked on an image on a corrupted site somewhere. And now, I'll re-format my computer and all that in order to get the bug.

But, as of now, I ain't worrying about it anymore.


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