Monday, November 10, 2008

Olive Festival Weekend 08!

My Dad was in town this weekend for his birthday and the Olive Festival, which is held where I work.

So, first of all,

Happy Birthday Dad!

He arrived Friday afternoon and M brought him up with her on Friday evening for the banquet they give as a part of the Festival.

It was lovely - there were rows and rows of tables set up on the lawns and with the pretty settings, centerpieces (all edible!) and great company, it was a altogether satisfactory evening. I only noticed after the sun went down that they had brought out little lamposts that were set up around the periphery of the lawns (SO cute), and my Dad commented on how great it is that there were no bugs at all buzzing around. You'd NEVER be able to say that back east. Yay Socal!

Terry also met my Dad for the first time which had me a little nervous, of course for no reason - they got along great. Everyone loves Terry, including random animals and kids; there was a little girl of about 7 or 8 who just wouldn't leave him alone! It was adorable, but, not gonna lie, I talked a litte smack to him about it. Sorry Terry :)

The next day, Michal and Dad took a load of boxes down to the new place and I eventually got some school work done. Then yesterday, on Dad's actual birthday, we went out to lunch at The Crepe Vine in Old Town Pasadena, which was great even with the FOREVER long wait, especially because the manager working was sweet enough to smooth any ruffled feathers at our table, of which there were some (not mine!).

Afterward, we walked over to 21 Choices, which is an amazing frozen yogurt place in Old Town. It's basically just like a Coldstone Creamery, but they use all these delicious and light frozen yogurt flavors. You never get bored because they're different every day, and they're frozen yogurt, so you don't feel like you ate a brick afterward like you do with Coldstone, ugh. Add in fresh ingredients and (possibly freakishly) happy and welcoming employees ("how do they do that?" I say "They give them coke in the back room" -Terry. Riiight...) and you get a little place that constantly has a line out the door and around the corner, even on chilly days.

That lady sitting on the left was TOTALLY flirting with my Dad. She was cute too. He should've gotten her number. :)

Terry had the bright idea to...

Get frozen yogurt 'staches. Probably not as healthy as milk...

In closing, a fun and relaxing weekend. And yay on the cold weather finally arriving!

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