Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Photo Retouching!

Over the past year or so, I've gotten lots of comments about the pictures on my blog.

Well, the truth is, I am not an awesome photographer.
(not even close)
But what I AM good at is retouching.

So, I'm offering to retouch photos to make some extra cash this holiday season, what with travel and all.

Here's the deal.
You send me a photo (email, of course, at charismb@yahoo.com),
including some notes in the body of the email about what you want done to the photo (clear skin, make colors pop, make it black and white, vignette, etc.),
And I'll retouch it for you, emailing you the new photo when complete.

The price will be $25 per photo, and that'll be taken care of via paypal.

Turnaround is quick, and this is great for holiday photos, especially since it's so popular nowadays to send out family photos on your holiday cards!

Anywhoo, here are some before & after examples:






Email me :)

Today's quote:
"A merry heart is like medicine for the soul."
~Joyce C. Lock


passerby said...

beutiful pix touched up or not especialy the laughing little guy and the young lady with the deep blue eyes

The Shabby Princess said...

My goodness, you are talented in the retouching department!