Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Movie Review: Alice in Wonderland

Last night we saw Alice in Wonderland, and in 3D - always a better option, when available, if you ask me. Sure, maybe the glasses gave me a slight headache for time to time, but it was worth it to jump out of my seat (yes, literally) at the scary parts as the head of some monster or another came off the screen and filled up half the movie theater!

But about the movie.
As you probably know, it was directed by Tim Burton, and his quirky, beautiful, and slightly disconcerting style was fully present. Every scene was breathtaking in its color, detail, and the strange emotions it evoked - from Alice's frightening fall down the rabbit hole (whatever happened to that piano, anyway?) to your first glimpses of Wonderland (actually "Underland" in the movie - makes sense!) I always got the impression that I couldn't see enough before the shot changed - I was constantly sure I was missing something because of all that was constantly going on. It was obvious that SO much time and consideration was put into the making of this film.
The movie begins with Alice in the ordinary world, the same way it did in the book and in the cartoon Disney classic. I do have one thing to say about this - and that is that if you're expecting it to be like either of those, you'll be surprised. I went in thinking that it was going to be more like the book than it was.

Not that I'm complaining, though! The twists and turns of the plot (not to mention the hidden lessons there, having do with current situations going on if you ask me) were highly entertaining and kept me riveted on the screen.

As I said before, I had to jump a few times and T may have lost circulation in a couple of fingers from fearful hand-squeezing on my part, but he's used to that after Avatar.

The performances in the movie were amazing. Mia Wasikowska, who played Alice, kept a light hearted but thoughtful face on during most of the film. She reacted like I'm sure a lot of us do in dreams (which, of course, the character assumed her time in Wonderland to be, after all, she wasn't exactly a little girl). Helena Bonham Carter was crisp and delightfully off-balance as the Red Queen, who you couldn't help but feel sorry for as you wanted her to lose, and Anne Hathaway was lovely and strange as the White Queen (who I recall being much more loopy in the book - I really liked how the loopiness was just an act for the character in this movie, and underneath the vacant expression was a lot more depth and strength than may be expected). And Johnny Depp - what is there to say? As always flawless, endearing, and in this movie, a little spooky from time to time.

So, for the big question, should you see this movie?

Answer: Absolutely! It'll be a good time, and it may make you think. Or it may not, but you'll be entertained either way. And I promise that the headache fades as soon as you take the glasses off, so if you can, see it in 3-D!

Today's quote:
Nothing is impossible. Some things are just less likely than others. ~Jonathan Winters

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Andrew Hosley said...

a new story out of Carroll's mythmaking that fails to inspire interest, perhaps except as a rote exercise in mainstream weirdness.