Wednesday, October 14, 2009

about Richmond...

#1) I have no idea how I have kept my toes for 26 years. I can't feel them MOST of the time nowadays...Richmond is COLD.

#2) Oh, no, that's right, I know how. I've lived in tropical climates for the past 8 years. I must've first felt my toes in September of 2001, during my freshman semester at UCF. Well, it's time to say goodbye. And speaking of, 8 years of hotness (temperature-wise) makes for NO winter-appropriate clothing. Time to go shopping. Anyone know any good spots in Richmond?

#3) We've arrived and caught the very beginning of the trees' changing. It's beautiful. It makes me forget about my numb toes.

#4) Richmond has bugs. California doesn't. I'm traumatized. Especially after my brother told me that you can hear the door creak as the really big grass spiders force their way into the house underneath it. Oh yeah, this door? It's to the room that we're sleeping in. And he wasn't kidding. Awesome.

#5) I heart Crossroads. In fact, this was taken 2.6 minutes ago:
By the way? Pumpkin Spice lattes are delicious. Mmmm. And they warm up toes. Ok, not really, but the caffeine makes me not care about my toes anyway. Who needs toes when you're flying?

The End.

more trip recaps to come. Don't worry, I've overloaded my camera memory cards many times...

Today's quote:
"Dreams mixed with dedication are a powerful combination."
~Adèle Basheer

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Ric said...

It's been fun peeking in on your travels as you go along. Looks like I may have must just missed you in Dallas. Got home late last night - you wouldn't wanna see me anyway...*flu*

I'll keep checking back on your trip. Stay warm!