Friday, October 9, 2009

Charis Cross Country: MIAness

I'm sorry!

I'm really, really sorry that I have sold blogging out for beautiful views, and friends that I love, and delicious meals, and fun things to do.
My B, man, my b.

But I'm back!

And boy oh boy, DO I have stories to tell!

Fun times.

As for right now, let's discuss the humidity, shall we? It is hot and sticky and disgusting outside. You need a shower if you look out of the window. I've been so spoiled by the dry air in California! Ugh! Now, after being outside at 10pm and sweating still (oops, I mean "glowing") yesterday, I can remember the thrilling astonishment I felt when I arrived on the West Coast two years ago and discovered that if you opened your windows at night, you didn't even NEED air conditioning during the day! Wow!

Well, those days are behind me. sigh.

I'm visiting Orlando, and T and I have been graciously hosted by David and Crystal, two amazing friends who didn't bat an eye when a one night stay turned into a 6 or 7 night stay (because of an infant with a cold and a Charis with a gentle flu, which kicked the South Florida trip out of the water and shortened the great road trip of '09 by one leg). Staying with David and Crystal is wonderful - the perfect mix of great conversation and fun whether it's us trying (unsuccessfully, I may add) to sing the praises of our new(ish) eating habits and rub off on them (some folks are just to the bone carnivores. The Louisiana girl that Crystal is, what can ya do? Oh well, more power to you honey! Have a steak for me ;) ), and alone time - enough, in fact, to catch up on things like blogging! We've been having ultra good times, whether it's a movie in the park like last night, when Poltergeist was shown in Central Park in the middle of Winter Park, and I MAY have fallen asleep 2/3 of the way through... or a trip to Peterbrooke, which I'd been looking forward to for MONTHS - not kidding (more on Peterbrooke's awesomeness later)...
Anyway, thanks so much for the good times guys!

More to come...

Today's quote:
"Our fundamental task as human beings is to seek out connections - to exercise our imaginations."
~Katherine Paterson


Ric said...

Happy, happy travels. Looking forward to seeing some beautiful pics like the one you posted here!

That humidity...ugh. It's my life. Sure - wishing that everyone had a chance to enjoy the California weather in more places - ha!

How's about that warm ocean water in Florida? Nice, huh?

The Shabby Princess said...

Glad you're having safe and happy travels!!