Monday, December 28, 2009

A Holiday in Photos

As promised, here's a play-by-play of the Christmas '09 festivities...

A Hazleton holiday concert at the church...
Tara's solo
And after the performance (note the scarf inside, it was freezing!)
My Christmas gift-giving prep. Having folks who live far away is awesome.
THE Christmas eve meal setup (I'd been hearing about this for a year)
One of T's presents from Tara Santa
A tradition up here that I'm new to, barely understand, but after winning some dough this year, am warming up to! Scratch-offs.
An awesome discovery on Christmas morning: my very first official stocking!
Setting up the video camera (awkward now, but it'll be the BEST in 30 years...providing we switch it to digital by then and it's still in existence...)
The obligatory Santa Hat pic
Christmas Day table (lotsa eating...never before have I enjoyed treadmill time so much! Combine these meals with the frigid weather, and I'm there!)
The view whilst going over the river and through the woods (check out that snow!)
Blurry car pic. Wine makes me forget to switch my focus to automatic.
Rain on Pine St. during more family visits...
T enjoying his Xmas present (a guitar! And, for the record, I suck at keeping presents I'm giving secret. He'd known that was what he was getting for a month), as I enjoyed mine (footie pajamas. Words can't describe the amazingness)
I taught my soon-to-be mom in law to crochet this Christmas. Super proud of myself there. I'm sure I'll get a scarf out of the deal sooner or later ;)

At Saturday's Dom & Mr. Sax performance... (fantastic. Every other Friday at Bottleneck's. Come on out, if you're ever in Hazleton!)

There were even Bongos!

And before I knew it, T had a Guiness halo. Go figure.
A certain celebrity was back in our midst for the evening...
Who brought us back to his buddy's house for some karaoke.
And there was a really cute dog there.

Karaoke pics!(that one's from Meatloaf's Paradise, if you're wondering. We got a little into it.)

(Radio Gaga)

The End.


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Your Christmas looks like it was ridiculously fun, happy holidays Charis!