Thursday, December 31, 2009


This morning I woke up to the inevitable ponderings that always show their faces around New Year's and birthdays.

What did I accomplish this year?
Who did I interact with, and did I make their lives better or worse, or neither?
Did I make any progress in my overarching life goals?
Can I be proud of myself?
What do I need to do next year in order to be the best version of myself possible?
How should I prioritize?
What would I like to do?
How can I embrace practices in the upcoming year that will further me as a person and will bring me closer to my ideal self?

And on it goes. In reviewing this year, I'm satisfied - not because I got everything accomplished that I would have wanted to, but because the decisions that I've made have poised me to jump into a new year that promises amazing experiences.

So, on to the resolutions:

1) Learn the piano. (that's a big one)
2) Meditate every day (I fall off the horse all the time)
3) Keep an electronic journal. My problem this year has been that I type a zillion times faster than I write, which makes for tired fingers and un-gotten-out thoughts. My journaling has been dry and lacking, just because I don't feel like friggin writing for that long. BUT, my mom got me the best Christmas present EVER - a netbook! A tiny one by HP that fits in my purse. Sooo, that means that journaling can now be done easier than ever. Another thing that made me want to write rather than type was the ease of flipping through pages rather than opening files (which feels awfully impersonal), so to remedy that I'll make myself a promise. If I can type almost daily, and good, real journaling, not a log of where I went and what I did and what was on the radio (although that stuff certainly has its place), I'll add pictures and get it bound next Christmas. That way, through the years I'll have a log that I can flip through, sitting on my shelf. Like a journal. Just not in my handwriting.

I think that's about it. I know that a lot of my habits will be changing this year because of the upcoming shifts in place (Texas), time spent (documentary and dissertation), and diet (raw foodist). More on all that later.

In any event, I like to keep resolution lists short and sweet. You're more likely to fail if there's a bunch there, rather than a few key things to focus on, if you ask me.

So that's that! What will you be aiming to do in the new year?

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Karls said...

Nice resolutions! All really positive and totally focused on you - good work - not to mention realistically achievable! You go girl!