Wednesday, December 9, 2009

White Christmas

Last Saturday I was informed that we were expecting snow.


I mean, I saw snow when I was visiting here last winter and stuff, but to see it FALL?

On a landscape that was currently untouched by snow?

To see flakes lazily drifting out of a deep velvety blue-black sky, turning and twisting until they light, ever so softly, on blades of grass and twigs and front steps and car hoods? (not romantic, but true)

It had been a decade at least since I'd witnessed anything similar. At most? Never. But I can't exactly recall. What I DO know is that I was very very very excited.


So, needless to say, that was about all I talked about that day. Every half hour I would either check the window or inquire as to the current precipitation status.


er, I mean, Definitely.

However, once the sun was down and the air had cooled from frigid to arctic tundra, T called to me from the landing that it was finally happening!

I scurried down a few steps and all but pressed my nose to a window next to the door.

I didn't realize that #1) awhile had passed and #2) I was still grinning like an idiot until T started to laugh at me.

Whatever. I'll take looking like a dope (especially since it earned me a kiss on the nose, just sayin). It was snowing!

Before I knew it, my view had changed to this:
So, seeing as we were the only two home, we did what anyone would do - snuck out on to the back deck and ate some snow. Duh.

Unfortunately for me, T has more experience with this stuff than I do:
Yup, that snow ball had my name on it. Fortunately, he took mercy on the shivering girl with the camera and instead launched it in another direction. I amused myself for a few more minutes taking whatever shots I could, considering that getting good snow pics is something that I have NO experience with,
And we headed back inside.

The pristine snowfall made a perfect backdrop for Christmas card photos the next day, with the Duchess included.
(Rudy is male. You'd never know. Unless you consider the ego.)


So we did a few takes, and after the card pic was out of the way, a snow ball fight erupted between my intended and my beautiful soon-to-be sister (in law).
Most of it consisted of staring contests, trying to psyche each other out...
Most, I said.
Luckily, I again used my camera as an excuse and got away unscathed and snow free.

There hasn't been a good fall since, in spite of big scary weather forecasts last night. I woke up excited today, only to see a fine dusting. Now it's raining. Seriously, mother nature, who do you think you are? This girl is starved for snow. Bring it ON.

(Just after I've hit the grocery store and all of my ordered Christmas presents have arrived, please)....

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Karls said...

You're little dog is adorable! My brother and sis in law have a Chihuahua cross that is the spitting image! Absolute princess with an attitude to boot!