Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Busy Busy...But a Brain has to Break By and By

Exhibit A. Still wearing work attire. No, I have not been upstairs since my arrival home.

Exhibit B. In my work nook. (now sitting on a pillow because the floor is a lot harder on the rear end when you're working than it is when you're sprawled with a book or your laptop...)

Exhibit C. Busily typing fingers.

Exhibit D. Concentration.
Exhibit E. Blanket around shoulders in lieu of sweater (again, upstairs).
B took that pic of me about 15 minutes ago before he left to go see a movie. I may do that again once I can see the light of day....And to think, I didn't even procrastinate this time!
Ok, I think that's all the break I'm allowed to have right now. Back to the wheel. Sorry for the messy letters, I could've figured out how to put real ones in, but that definitely would have gone over my break time limit.
Sheezers I just found out that T's on his way home - already? Dangit. Okay now I'm really getting to work...
Wish me luck!

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