Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Moment Living

Today's whiteboard quote:

"The more you live in the moment, the more you value its gift of peace, safety and stability."

Today I'm in a rotten mood because of scheduling (and let's be honest, hormones). There's just too much to do! I'm approaching a deadline for my doctoral qualifying paper (DQP) that's terrifying and that, although I've been working steadily, I'm afraid I won't meet, work is getting busier by the day and I'm on the brink of falling behind, my classes are rough (as in, instructors criticizing my work and me not understanding even after the critique is explained what I've done wrong), I'm trying to start up my business and all that it entails (I'll link it once the website's up, maybe it'll happen this century), I'm doing my buddy's wedding invitations and she wants to change them every time we talk (seriously, come on!), I still owe my father those paintings, and I'm having trouble sleeping.

If that's not a recipe for stress, I don't know what one would be....

And I cognitively know that the answer (as usual) is in mindfulness. It's not too hard to do, you just have to remember to live in the present moment -

Make a realistic schedule for the day that addresses all that you have to do.
Focus on what you're doing as you're doing it.
Remain aware of your breathing and the flavor of your thoughts, trying to inject gratitude in whatever way possible.
Drink enough water.
Eat often enough.
Go to bed earlier.

So, today, I'll be attempting to follow that list. Wish me luck. I know you stressed out folks out there may benefit from the present-moment-mindfulness track as well ;)

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Stephay said...

Good luck sweetheart....I know you'll succeed :)