Monday, June 29, 2009

Car Dancing

"Climb up, over the top,
Survey the state of the soul.
You've got to find out for yourself
Whether or not you're truly trying.
Why not?
Give it a shot- Shake it, take control...
Inevitably wind up finding for yourself
All the strength you have inside, still rising...."

Lyrics from an old Jason Mraz CD (genius!) that had me singing along while stuck in traffic, gazing at downtown LA, whose buildings looked as if they were made of mother-of-pearl as a result of the smog this morning.

Why not, indeed?

True, it is a Monday. However, I had a fantastical weekend, actually got a full night's sleep last night (for a change), and am now ready to light up my jet packs this week.

What are the goals on the current list?

1) To get my doggonit website up and running (been in the works for months, yes, I'm aware...)
2) Finish revising my DQP (all of the procrastination I didn't do for the original submission has returned in force and set up camp in my noggin this time around)
3) Send in the rest of the forms to the State for my L.L.C. (I'm now a company owner....there's just something so awesomely wrong about that)
4) Practice Reiki (it's more about setting up and taking down the table than it is about the rest of the process....but someone may as well benefit. Yes, it'll probably be T.)

As for this weekend, T (the below pic is pre-haircut) and I spent our Saturday in Santa Monica with buddies of ours,
(yay for new sunglasses. What is it about seeing the world through
newly purchased and unscratched shaded vision that makes one so happy?)

...followed by the best part, midnight vegan nachos, courtesy of B.

Today's whiteboard quote:
"The cyclone derives its powers from a calm center. So does a person." ~Peale

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Hollie said...

okay, those nachos look amazing! and you of course, look beautiful as always!