Friday, June 5, 2009

Learning to See

Yesterday was a food poisoning day.

In response to a birthday dinner for my sister on Wednesday night at Marmalade in Redondo Beach (if you haven't been, keep that trend going) I had a stomach-cramping, headaching, sleeping-in-the-bathroom-with-a-pillow kind of day.

T woke up and ran to get me some medicine (which I didn't take...I'd been throwing up water and was afraid to eat anything, gross I know), but by afternoon I was starting to rally.

So, that means food poisoning to me.

Today I feel tentative, but still on the upswing, so that's good. We were planning to go to Magic Mountain this weekend, but I'm thinking that it might not happen....

Today's whiteboard quote:

"Besides learning to see, there is another art to be learned - not to see what is not."
~Maria Mitchell

Today, not seeing what is not will be to not get aggravated over silly things....I'm sure my absence yesterday will cause an overwhelming influx of tasks at work today, and my fatigue may or may not turn me into a half-witch, half-Charis hybrid....we shall see.

However, it's Friday, and that makes most things better, so I'm not complaining!

(It's also raining outside, which is awesome. The combo of dreary skies and oldies on the radio during my super-long drive in because Californians don't do rainy tarmac made me feel I was back east again...sigh)


Lyryn said...

Oh... I'm so sorry you're sick! Hope you get better soon!

Stephay said...

Sorry you weren't feeling well sweetie. If it was food poisoning, you should feel right as rain tomorrow :) If you were back here, you'd be enjoying the dreary rain here too. It's not often we have exactly the same weather on a given day.
Feel better...

Anonymous said...

hope you get to feeling better. i hate that throwing up nothing feeling. make sure ,when you can, to drink plenty of gaterade!!!

love the pics of the flowers below!! i assume they were taken with your new camera?