Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chapel Chatter: Introductions

So yes, although I am engaged, and the topic of the intricate wedding planning I now find myself entrenched in should get some air time occasionally, I do not - let me repeat - do NOT - want this to become a wedding blog.

Therefore, each post on this matrimonial topic will be marked with the clear Chapel Chatter heading.

You've been warned...

Some quick stats on the current planning stage:
Date: May 22, 2010
Location: Richmond, VA
Time: early evening, post sunset
Colors: Dark blue, light blue, with green and silver accents (sound like a high school prom? Perhaps. But don't worry, it'll be much more awesome)
Dress: Chosen.
T, do NOT click this link!
Cake: small gluten-free cutting cake and cupcakes for everyone else (very excited about this)
(for exemplar purposes only):
Cake topper: chosen.

Hmm, what else....it'll be in my mom's ginormous yard which she is, as I type, meeting with gardeners and tent people (no, not carnies, rather people who rent those big tents) and caterers and such in order to prepare for. She's training flowers for an arbor and the event will be after dark, lit with hundreds of candles and thousands of stringed lights, with soft music and deliciousness of varied sorts everywhere your eye falls.

Good times.

Oh, and for favors we're giving away seedlings in little pots. Green, and awesome (wow, 2nd time I've used that word in one post. You know it's gonna be good...)

I think that's about it!

Consider yourself updated.

Today's whiteboard quote:
"One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure." ~William Feather

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The Shabby Princess said...

AHHH!! Your dress is just gorgeous!!!