Sunday, September 27, 2009

Charis and Terry Cross Country: Le Route

Tonight's the night we're gonna make it happen,
Tonight we'll put all other things aside...

Ok, sorry, sorry, sorry. But I AM really excited, because this is IT - the road trip of all road trips begins tonight, at approximately 11:30pm.

And this is what we'll be doing:

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Tonight at 11:00pm, the alarm will go off for me (I will have been sleeping since 7 or 8, whether T is sleeping as well at this point is yet to be determined).

I will awaken, throw on clothes, grab purse, and throw hair into a topknot, then T and I will climb into the already (at that point, I hope...) car and hit the trail!

Very exciting.

Oh, and by the way...
The site is up, sort of. Here's a preview:


Ric said...

...Okay...I bought into the hype that it the heralded roodtrip. Follwoing you on twitter for the blow by blow if y'all plan to tweet about it. Sounds like some fun! I'll be in class :-(, and hoping to be cheered by your adventure!

The Shabby Princess said...

Travel safe dear friend!! A May wedding in Virginia? I die--it will be just fabulous! Ahhh!! Congrats on all these fabulous new adventures in your life. So excited for you!

The Shabby Princess said...

PS. You're stopping in Dallas, I see!! Maybe if you have 5.5 seconds we could get together? Shoot me an e-mail!