Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Means... the back of the closet you go, white shoes!
Is this just a southern thing? Does anyone other than me do it (although let's be honest, I definitely rock white shoes after Labor Day, if appropriate, don't you)?
My mom told me years ago that Labor Day actually means that you aren't supposed to wear any white clothes afterwards. Craziness, I say! What about all of those comfy snuggly Christmas-time white sweaters?
That, my friends, is why when I'd come home from FL during the holidays, I'd feel as if I were surrounded by drab shades of people, those VA folks all wrapped up in their black and gray and dark brown. Keep color in your lives! You know the trees and flowers won't!

but back to the list, Labor Day means...

...3 weeks minus one day til T and I drive away from CA for good! (is it just me, or was that statement really awkward and rhymey? Anyway.)

...the sun is down at 7pm again - good for my REM cycles and couch-movie-cuddling, bad for productivity...

...and, my favorite, no work today.
-no hour drive in the morning and afternoon on the roads where all of the CA-folk niceness gets traded in for yelling, revving, and horn honking (I knew I was a true Californian when I snarled at a guy and he turned to see me do it, just in time. Busted! "Dude, you just snarled at a human being. Snarled. What the hell's bells' the matter with you?" echoing in my brain...)
-no smoky air invading my lungs. Yay.
-a late morning breakfast with T, eating our fresh heirloom watermelon pieces, juice from said melon still on the kitchen counter, sipping my peppermint tea and talking about the future, the past, God, etc...
-sitting in the library, curtains closed, yellow light creeping through in seams and shining down the stairwell from the skylight, chilly toes (yessss) and time galore to rehydrate after this weekend and catch up on my reading for school (not so yessss, but yes, necessary).
Happy Labor Day!

Today's quote:
"The best things in life are never rationed. Friendship, loyalty, love, do not require coupons."
~G. T. Hewitt

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Jill Pilgrim said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful!