Friday, April 2, 2010

Chapel Chatter: Ringing

This beauty arrived this morning.
It's gorgeous, and fits so well that it's lit a fire under me to get my engagement ring resized and reset (I don't like how high the stones are, they get caught on things, and I want them nestled down into the band more).

But, rather than focusing on what I need to do, I'll do a little text-based jump for joy that my ring has finally arrived.
hear that? It was my imaginary feet hitting the imaginary floor after my imaginary jump.

I promised T that I wouldn't try it on again (after the initial check to make sure it fit), so here's another, not-trying-it-on view:
Right now I have a doctored up version of these, with more herbs and some minced garlic added, and the crust for this in the dehydrating oven. Gonna make this guacamole tonight, and once I pick up some more almonds, I'm trying this for the first time. Deliciousness.

Happy Friday!

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