Thursday, April 15, 2010

Regarding Kisses

Yesterday at 2:42pm I received an inquisitive text from Shenna, one of my best friends in high school and one of the few that I've remained close with.

S: Did U see the movie "The Wedding Singer"? Have U & Terry decided yet.... open or closed mouth kiss when U r pronounced man/wife?

C: Half open yo. Maybe a LITTLE tongue. We've been practicing!

S: See I love it how U r a progressive thinker like me! Terry is gonna fit in just fine in our circle!

C: Oh you bet your ass he is!

But no, seriously, really, we have been practicing. (I'm not complaining) It'll be between 3 and 5 seconds, no visible tongue. Cut and print.

That was your TMI for the day.

The End.
this was taken less than a week after we met...we've been practicing for awhile.

Today's quote: 
Is not a kiss the very autograph of love?
~Henry Fink

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