Monday, April 26, 2010

A Visit to MM Designs

When T and I spent our holidays in Pennsylvania with his family, my favorite place to go while away the afternoon was Jim Thorpe, a town about a half hour away that has a rich historical heritage, amazing architecture, and a ton of sweet shops.

During our post wedding, pre second reception week I may go up to Jim Thorpe and take a lot of town pictures to post, because really, I've never been anywhere like it.

But, back to the point.

One of the shops that I visited (and have been meaning to do a post on for the past 5 months - sorry!) was called Marianne Monteleone Design.

Marianne designs her own line of clothing and jewelry.

Her shop is delightful, not only because of the beautiful wares,

but because of the care and thought that are put into every detail.

(I was partial to the scarves, myself)

Upstairs is a darling bed and breakfast called the Suites on Broadway.

I couldn't get enough of the charm that was in every corner here.

Her guests felt the same way I did, judging by the notes left behind in her signing book...

The rooms were unique and charming.

There were even cozy balconies to have your morning coffee on (that was my favorite part)

And again, the details made the place, like old fashioned framed embroidery,

Bronzed radiators,

and signs that looked like they'd been there since Jim Thorpe was new (in a good way!)

Not a bad couple of floors to go visit, I say!

Stop by if you're ever in town, this place was a treat!

Happy Monday :)

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Karls said...

Looks wonderfully relaxing... particularly the little balcony! Nice!