Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The day after our arrival in PA, T and I built his parents a fire pit out of some extra paving stones left over from building their patio years ago.
It took us under an hour, was pretty easy (T told me that this was a benefit for him of marrying a descendant of stone masons and while they never officially taught me anything, I'd have to agree - I did kind of have an intuitive feel for it). 

The next day when, along with his mother, we passed a pit for sale at a local store for 80 bucks, we gave ourselves a verbal pat on the back.

And since then, on every clear night we've been doing the pyro thing, s'mores included (and in case you're wondering, yes, it's extremely difficult to keep up the raw food deal up here. We do what we can, but when food is such an integral part of culture, saying no to what you're being offered just isn't right. So I for one will be going on a cleanse the minute I get down to Richmond this weekend! There's a wedding dress to fit into and a face to clear up and all...)

He graffitied the top layer with a couple of hearts and initials, which was nice. 
We talked about how, although it could be easily moved or disassembled at any time, it probably wouldn't be, so we are likely to visit in five or six years, with children, and remember to them how we built this together weeks before we married. That was cool.

He shushed me just after sunset and we listened to crickets, a sound usually completely muffled by house walls. I asked him with a smirk if he knew why they were doing that, about to make some seedy red light joke because of the nature of those mating calls, when he nodded and seriously replied, 
"they're singing their love songs to each other."
Ummm is it just me, or was that totally a swoon moment? (he's probably going to be mad at me for posting that for the entire eworld to see, but I don't care. It was that good.)

And it kind of made me feel like an ass for my intended bad joke, but I didn't mind. Besides, considering the songs that way rather than as red lights flashing above little cricket heads is a much better way to view things, if you ask me...

Happy Wednesday!


Isidra said...

Do you flavor your dried caulifower? (To make it like popcorn?) And since I've broken the silence...that line about the bricklayer thing was a scream. Granddaddy probably got a kick out of that!

Annie said...

aw, that's cute!
the little fire pit looks fun and perfect for s'mores, i'd like one! well both, a fire pit and a s'more! how neat that you two built it together and will be able to show the kiddos some day :)