Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Chapel Chatter: Inside the Invitations

I figured that now would be as good a time as any to show the invitations, that is, once they're all made, and out and in and over with... but no matter. Here they are. 
We (I) decided to do them ourselves because there was a specific vision to how they would be. So I ordered heavy cardstock in greens and blues, designed an invitation insert on GIMP and had it printed over at overnightprints.com in the form of a postcard with rounded corners. 

Next I got a stamp that I loved (and had used in the card design) and some embossing ink (which makes stamped images rise up off the paper once you emboss them with a heat tool), stamped green glittery trees on little squares of light green, folded dark green around the cards that I glued in place (actually T did that part), and tied those bad boys up with a ribbon (I did that part - he's not so great with the bow-tying, but that's okay. That particular thing can be a wife's job in every situation where it would arise, I think). 

These are the 2nd reception invitations, the wedding ones were mostly the same, but in blues and with a different insert (one that felt a tad more formal). 

And that was that! I think they ended up with the right combination of formality and fun - not too dressy, not too casual, the same way that I hope the events will be.

I can't believe there are only a couple of weeks left. What an amazing time.

Happy Tuesday!

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Candice said...

Those are GORGEOUS! I love how colourful they are. Totally taking the same route if I ever get married.