Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday before the wedding

(that place is awesome, by the way. DEF visit it if ever in Richmond...)
Yesterday Melissa came over and helped me put seating cards together all day. It took much longer than I was expecting, and if she hadn't been there, it would have taken double or triple that amount of time to finish. We sat on the floor of my mom's living room and I slid a paper cutter back and forth, arranged lavender bundles, and sorted names and tables, and Melissa tied knot after knot into the ribbons that held everything together. We chatted and gossiped and talked about all sorts of things, and after she left Terry and I had dinner, watched Lost and I had a mandatory mini bridal meltdown.

I think those are bound to happen once in a while, and this was my second one.It was about the ins and outs of tiny tedious things that ordinarily wouldn't be something to worry one's little head about, but having a wedding at home comes with certain perks, and certain drawbacks. For example, all the money you save is a perk. On the other hand, having to do every little thing yourself (yes, including weeding the flower beds, which makes me cry - duh, I'm a weirdo - and such), is a drawback.

That said, the seating cards came out beautifully. Then last night I had a call that 5 or so people aren't coming anymore. So I'll have to redo a bunch of them. Fabulous. (note to all of you wedding goers out there - if I've learned anything during this experience, it is the importance of the friggin RSVP! Do it! Save someone an aneurism!)

But, that was it for me. No more stress. I'm done with it. From now on, I'll be serene city. On Saturday I'm taking a vow of silence until soon before the wedding. I'll probably still blog though (loophole!), so there's that to look forward to.

Today T and I drove up to Short Pump to run a couple of errands and see a new baby of a good friend of mine. The weather is perfect - a cornflower blue sky and Mario Bros. clouds. May it be this nice in T-minus-51 hours. That'd be great, mommy nature, thanks.

Happy Thursday!

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Isidra said...

Thanks for the play by play! I left you a word on your inbox!