Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday Before the Wedding

our cupcake tree, as yet unadorned...I'll be tackling that as soon as I hit the publish button here
As I told my mentor yesterday, who I write to daily, my titles this week may be a little boring. I'm in full wedding mode and just saying Monday, Tuesday, etc Before the Wedding is enough for me. And I think it will be enough when I go back and read later. But, that said, sorry for the boring titles.

So, at the end of the week is our wedding. I went to my buddy Bebe's wedding in October and served as a bridesmaid. She'll also do the same at my wedding, although by now she may be a little bit wobbly - after all, she is 5 months pregnant and HUGE (yay!). It's a good thing that I'm encouraging flat shoes!

Oh, on that - a note to everyone attending the wedding: it's been rainy. Wear flats. I'll be wearing flats and I'm the bride. Take a lesson, y'all. No one likes a sinking heel. Especially not the girl wearing it.

On another note, we're currently working on the streaming for the video (like, literally, right now, we're testing it as I type.)

the link, if anyone wants to tune in Saturday at 6:00 (eastern time): http://www.ustream.tv/channel/charis-and-terry-s-wedding

Granted, this will not be an in depth, camera angle changing, professional broadcast. More like we'll sit a laptop somewhere where it can see the action and hit the "broadcast" button. But you'll be able to hear our awesome vows that I'm currently stressing about (yikes, big deal much?)

When I was at Bebe's wedding, I asked her, "How does it feel?" Throughout my life, there have been certain days that have stood out - both as things to look forward to (which sometimes have and sometimes have not lived up to the hype), and unexpected best days ever that took me by surprise. But across the board, your wedding day is always one of the awesome ones, the ones that you anticipate and that DO end up being the best days ever.

Those great days come by surprise so often that sitting here now, knowing that the so-far best day of my life is just a few more days away is thrilling. I  know it will be amazing. And maybe outshined only by the days when my children are born, years from now. But even still, I think it will be in a different category. This is a wedding.

And my name will even be different afterwards. I'll be forever changed, as a result of that intimate and personal ceremony. I don't know how I'll feel. But I know how I feel now - excited. Enraptured. Deeply in love. And shivery, it's cold in here...

Happy Tuesday!

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