Sunday, December 14, 2008

Popsicle Toes

Yesterday the chilly SoCal winds started turning me into a Chariscicle from the ground up (as per usual). I remember going to the high school football games with my sister back in 8th grade, and needing to come home and sit on the edge of the tub, her and I side by side with our feet in the hot water until our toes thawed out. Pins and needles included. Not good extremety circulation for the Brown sisters...

Anyway, so when I get cold my toes and fingers start to lose blood flow, and it takes foreeeever for it to come back. (a running joke between friends and me is that I don't get warmer, I just suck the warmth out of anything I touch. And things like thick socks and blankets only insulate the cold...)

But I digress.

It was cold outside and my shoes were summery ones so, although I was wearing thick socks and all, I was still starting to freeze. White toes time.

T gave me a foot massage to warm them (a little freaked out by just how cold I actually felt in the footal area).

Not working.

He put my toes under his leg (we were sitting side by side) to just let them warm up eventually.

Got nothin.

So, he gets up, walks across the room, and puts a chair out, facing the wall.

"Sit down."

ummm..., okay...

So I do, and he stretches my feet out in front of me, and out of nowhere, produces a blow dryer and blow dries my feet.

It worked though! I felt great!

Then he dug out his grandfather's army socks and his own brown boots, and bundled up my toesies in them. I clomped around in his 11 1/2 size shoes all night (I wear a 7. In women's. Which means a 5 in men's).

Good times.

Wishing you a toesty start to the week!

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Stephay said...

You so make me remember stuff I had forgotten. You know how with the stresses of life, the little things get pushed aside sometimes..... I had forgotten you and M sitting on the tub with your feet in hot water. I had forgotten you had EVER gone out together....

I am so glad you remind me of those things. Thank you. :)