Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Shopping Dates and Peppy Mornings

This morning I am extremely energetic. Like, freakishly so. I don't know why, but I'm going with it!

Sometimes you have randomly "good days" or randomly "bad days". Where stuff just goes right or wrong. Little things, here and there, but in the end they all combine to make things awesome, or to make you want to turn in early (around 1pm, say...) and start again on the next one.

Today isn't necessarily either good or bad in those ways, but energy always helps. It's also helping me with my
resolution resolutions, which are coming along nicely, if quietly.

Perhaps last night has to do with my day today. It rocked. I hadn't hung out with M in what seemed like forever, so we had a shopping-and-dinner date. Traffic wasn't horrible on my way home from work
-hold that-
Traffic was nice on my way home from work (working on more optimistic wording. It's a good thing) so I got there in under an hour, went home, relaxed, read, puttered around, did NOT unpack (oops. Maybe bruised a shin or two on random boxes. Karma) for roughly a half hour til M came by and picked me up.

We are straight-up JcPenney sales junkies (I once got a satiney summery dress there, strapless, black and white and lovely, for $6. I know. Amazing) and knew that there was a good sale still going on from the weekend. So we beelined it to the mall. As M was driving, there was a lot of:

"I think my turn is coming up-" (as I watch it go by)
"Wait...was that it?"
she turns around
"I've never been to this mall before..."
"Yeah you have"
"I have?"
"Yeah, we saw the Sex and the City movie here"
"We did?"
.....5 points if you can guess who was who.....
One of the many reasons I love my sister - she is an intellectual giant (nope, not exaggerating) and yet I'm still sometimes smarter. **insert evil laugh here**

ANYway, she'd checked to see where JcPenney was online before she left to come get me, and we got to the mall finally, trying to decide whether to circle around it until we found the correct entrance, or just park somewhere and walk. Finally, we decided to do the latter. We went in and, lo and behold, there was um, no JcPenney in that mall. Anywhere. So we called up our ever-useful GPS system, Mom, back in VA, who is 98% of the time magically by a computer, who searched it for us.

Yes we do that. Like we're 5 years old. Hey, if you had a resource that always came through like that, you'd use it too. Sorry for all the sleep deprivation because of the time difference, Mom. :)

So we were on our way to the actual JcPenney!

We drove for a while, thought we'd passed it, realized we didn't, wondered if that was a mall or just a Macy's on the left, I figured it must be a mall because it had a massive parking structure...which went on, and on and, we decided that we could turn in any old time because the parking garage went to the end of the earth....

But finally, we were there. And?

No good sales.


But, all was not lost! In a quick perusal of the mall, we found an old-timey scale!

I didn't realize we were making a Burlington ad,

And M, glam as always.

We decided to hit up Outback for dinner (I love. It had been waaay too long) and here's the carnage that remained of the Pumpernickel loaf. (note. I did abide by my kicking-illness'-a#$ diet all day. I figured a splurge wasn't so bad. And, this morning? Only a mildly scratchy throat. Yay!) Oh. It also includes a picture of her delicious martini and what I was drinking - hot water with lemon. No fun at all.

There was delicious food, laughter, an amazing gingerbread martini which we will now put on our 'search and destroy' list to figure out how to replicate it at home, and upon the drive home, we found the most ghetto stop sign ever:

And that's it. Wishing you lots of family fun this December!

PS: here's one that shows why I love where I work. I was walking across campus yesterday and witnessed cuddling turtles. Makes me happy. (sorry it's kinda dark...)

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Stephay said...

I LOVE it. No sales and still a good evening. As I told you....there are LOTS of good sales here in Virginia.....