Saturday, June 5, 2010

Honeymoon Day 1: Travel

A Guinness and a mai tai, which tasted nothing like a mai tai, but was ridiculously strong.


Travel socks

Delicious jawline

The coast, from a hurricane's eye view

Love him

In other news, I just finished an oil pull because of a little toothache twinge that bothered me on the flight. As disgusting as you can imagine, but works like a charm. At the moment we're watching I Am Legend on tv at our stopover hotel (we check in to the REAL one tomorrow). Zombies that'll eat your DOG. Now that's messed up.

Have a lovely day!

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Isidra said...

Yours was the first wedding I ever experience streamed, now you continue to make history by having the first honeymoon being blogged about (for me anyways!)while in process! Hug my cousin-in-law Terry for me!