Wednesday, June 2, 2010

May 21, 2010: The Day Before

Many of our out-of-towners had arrived Thursday night, so we awoke to a full house on Friday morning.

Energized and pensive, I decided to stay home while the rest of the crew ran to get some breakfast.

I hung out by our dance floor and poked around at the fire pit, still a bit warm from the night before, when we'd all sat around, waxing philosophical, bemoaning our lack of marshmallows (we found them deep in a kitchen cabinet a couple days later). 
That evening was the rehearsal, when the rest of the out of towners got in. My sister had come in on the red eye and was bleary eyed but good natured and we ran through the whole shebang, T and I doubling as our own wedding coordinators (that's how we roll). 

Actually, I thought it went more smoothly than other wedding rehearsals I'd been to when wedding coordinators did lead the show. 

It was much more fun and relaxed too. 

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