Sunday, June 6, 2010

Honeymoon Day 2

A1A Ale Works - delicious, and we ordered WAY too much food (and I have an oil pull in as I type to get rid of the toothache, BLAH), but kinda almost worth it. Add in the fact that we watched the current tennis match, but not cause we like tennis, just for the ball boys. They're so INTO IT. Really, watch them the next time you see tennis on. It'll be worth your time. Awesome.

The best nachos I've ever had, bar none.
We didn't even almost finish all this...

Our lovely room

Our private balcony

Awesome random shoppingness

The sunset off our balcony. Yum.

Tonight, we were going to go on a romantic carriage ride, or maybe a ghost tour (yay!), but alas, I'm laid up with this danged toothache, which makes it hard to enjoy anything. So I'm self medicating and Terry is putting up with me. Good husband, that one.

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