Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Honeymoon: The Rest of It

Here are shots from the rest of amazing St. Augustine:

Day 5
Peacock at the Fountain of Youth (lame tourist attraction if you ask me, but there were cool peacocks...)
I'll let you in on a little secret...
If you are ever, ever, EVER in St. Augustine, you MUST go to Kilwin's and get a caramel apple.
He didn't believe me until he tried it.

Day 6
We watched sunrise for the rest of the week. (yes, we'd go back to sleep afterwards, but it was def. worth it to get up and go)

The best French pastry shop EVER

(that eclair made every other eclair I've ever had taste like sacrilege)
Drinks that night...homemade sangria...mmmm...

Day 7

Day 8
This is the day we traveled home, and what an amazing week.

Big T picked us up at the airport that night. Big T is Terry's father and my new father in law. Terry's named after his dad, but two Terrys in my world would make my brain explode, so Big T he is (he doesn't mind). I piped Jason Mraz into my ears via the ipoderoo, leaned back, and watched floating stars blink on and off in the Pennsylvania grass (lightning bugs). Love them.

Packing these few days, and hitting the road on Thursday for Portland! The new blog will be up soon, I'll letcha know ;)

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The Shabby Princess said...

You all look deliriously happy, and I'm so happy for you!!