Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Honeymoon Days 3 and 4

One of the best things about our honeymoon is how lifelike it is. This just feels like our ordinary life, just in a different (and AWESOME) town. I'm enjoying my husband lots, thanksverymuch, and as he sits on the bed right now, writing, I sit on the floor, doing the same. Well, kind of. More like posting pictures :)

Day 3

Shopping for shoes for T... it was an epic journey, but we came out victors, eventually!
The Present Moment Cafe - also the main reason why we chose St. Augustine as our vacation spot. It's hard to find raw restaurants! And we are loving every meal there...
(the decorations rock too)
cucumber lemon water, YUM.

Kale avocado salad, seriously delicious
Raw sushi! FINALLY! And yes, parsnip rice is amaaaazing, tastes SO much like the real thing that my craving is undoubtedly satisfied. I'll be experimenting with that one just as soon as we get our Portland kitchen set up.
The beautiful Floridian beach (Atlantic side, so no oil, ew.)

Having a Lady and the Tramp moment with sea glass noodles (amazing)
A short stop on a long evening walk...

Day 4
Love of mine, reading in the morning

Happy hour - you buy a drink and get a free drink w/ a slice of pizza, not raw but oh so worth it. That pizza is outstanding...
The entertainment was pretty amazing too

A sunset sail

And that wraps it up. Today is Day 5, and I plan on posting on it later. This is much better than having to do a long recap at the end of the week, says me. On another note, this blog is about to be done and done - there's a new one in the works, as this girl has finished dancing this tightrope and is onto a new adventure (and Terry will be blogging too, which is just way WOW if you ask me. No, really, wait til you see....)

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Anonymous said...

OK, so like --do you have a photographer with you or a hella camera with an awesome timer and a tripod? Great pics.

And yes, I'd say your days of dancing on a tightrope and tasting pink spoons are over, my dear!

Hey have you herd this "Tightrope" song?

It's me Ispy. Password escapes me...Hey T!