Friday, June 4, 2010

A late night convo

Time: 11:46pm, June 4, 2010

Location: Dining room table, Malloy house

Cast: The new husband and myself, after everyone has gone to bed, exhausted from a night of backyard s'mores making and assorted revelry.

T: Are you sure that you don't mind that we're going on a honeymoon to a place that you've been to before, with another guy?
explanation: St. Augustine was only an hour from Gainesville, where I got my first master's degree, and yes, I went there once or twice with my grad school boyfriend. Which is how I knew the amazingness of that city.
C: Um YES! That was, like, five years ago, and the relationship sucked anyway.
(insert a silent moment here)
C: Okay. I'm sitting at this dining room table with you. Other girlfriends of yours have sat at this table with you too. Does that mean that you feel weird sitting with me here now?
T: That's a good point. You're very smart.
T: You're smarter than any other girls that I've sat at this table with.
T: But you probably already knew that.

(have I mentioned that I love my husband?)

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