Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Game On Diet

So there looks to be a new diet craze that is poised to be another check-out-line topic of conversation... the Game On Diet. I'm feeling a little torn about it, but am mostly happy with the concept. Check out my article from this morning here.

In other news, I'm off tomorrow! Yessss! That means I can enjoy the first Santa Monica Pier concert of the summer tonight and not have to have 6:00am coffee tomorrow to remain fully functioning at work :)

I'm very excited.

In other news, nope, still haven't made a vlog yet because my mic still isn't working. In truth, that is because I haven't looked at it again. Too mad. I need some time to cool down, I may say things to my laptop that I'd regret. Not good for any relationship.

Happy Thurfriday!


Anonymous said...

have fun girlie!

i have stopped checking out diet books. they are always so depressing and make me feel bad for eating mc. donalds french fries. what is up with that?!

Charis said...

Ummm yeah diets are dumb. Don't get me started on the if-we-all-liked-ourselves-we'd-eat-well(usually)-and-exercise-out-of-self-love hippie kick :) I'm reviewing diets because I know a bit 'bout health... and cause the editor dude at Huliq asked me to :)

Hollie said...

I've never heard of the Game On Diet but I read your article. (Great writing by the way!)
The points earning sounds fun but a diet is still a diet. And I bet it will fade when someone comes up with a newer, cooler sounding one.