Friday, July 31, 2009

If I Were A Nail-Biter....

They'd all be down to little unpainted nubs by now.

Cause guess what?

My site's almost up.

(cue the brass band)

Like, so close that I can taste it, smell it, see it even... No, I really can. It's done. I just have to wait til the boys at tell me how to get my site from Wix to them.

So..., um, all of my bloggy homegirls out there, do you have room on your sidebars for a pretty little button? Cause I'll be reeling them out next week for anyone who wants one.


Happy happy happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

congrats, luv!! that is soo exciting. and ,umm, yes i totally want a button!!!

happy weekend!

Elizabeth Marie said...

I want a button!!!!!!! So excited!!! YAY!!!!