Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Aborted Birthday Gifts (and non-aborted self gifts)

So we're not doing the thing that I was planning for T's birthday.


But, that means that I can blog about it!
(I'm terrible at keeping my own secrets...)

The plan was..... a hot air balloon ride!

The company is in Temecula, and you can visit their site here. You go in the morning (like, eeeeaaarly, 6:30am early) and the ride lasts a couple hours. They fly you over beautiful Temecula wine country, and when you're done, you get breakfast. Gorgeous, relaxing, and original way to spend a Saturday morning, I'll say!

But, I #1) couldn't get enough people to agree to go with in order to make it worthwhile as a group thing, especially when the goal was to go wine tasting afterward, and #2) I realized that although he would appreciate the gesture, T may not even want to do something like that and more importantly, would likely scold me for spending so much on something trivial when the main goal for this year was to save as much as possible (economy, duh. Save it while you're makin it, we say).

So, I broke down and told him. He semi-uncomfortably laughed and agreed that he may not even be all that interested (it's not on his list of things to do. And that's a long list. Now if he'd only write it down and show it to me so I could pick something for my now-empty birthday idea drawing board). He also emphatically agreed that I shouldn't spend the dough. So, now we're doing a beach bonfire for his birthday.

But I'm still tapped out on surprise ideas! He's impossible to do presents for - he's the opposite of materialistic and is always trying to de-clutter his life....the perfectly-sweet-and-fitting-but-nearly-useless present finding gift that I have (and am not modest about at all. I give the best presents ever), he's totally immune to!

Which sucks, for me. So, any ideas for birthday stuff for a guy who hates stuff? Hit me!

In other news, my birds nest ring arrived last night and I'm wearing it today. I love. She even made it small enough so it fits my finger (I have abnormally thin fingers. In high school the other cheerleaders called me 'witch fingers', and now I can never buy rings. I'm a size 4.5. Weird, I know...). Go check out Angie's site, there's lots there!


Anonymous said...

girl, i do not have any clues about guys in general, so I am tappped!

Thanks for sharing the info about the nest rings. I am in love;)

The Shabby Princess said...

Ohh, what a pretty ring. OK, my husband is impossible to shop for, but, for Christmas I got him this soup and sandwhich plate because his typical lunch when he's at home is soup and sandwhich--anyway, it was just a little thing, but, it worked. has a lot of things like that--you might find something for him there.

Robyn said...

Aww the bond fire sounds super fun! Enjoy.

I really don't have any ideas for you unfortunately. Part of my gifts for my ex were always something homemade. Whether I drew him a picture or made a scrapbook for him, those were the things he really loved.