Monday, March 30, 2009

Because Tomorrow....Is Another Day!

50 points if you got that Gone With The Wind reference. It's cause Tara is in town.

Get it? Gone W/ The Wind? Tara? You know, the house?



Late into Friday night and beginning at 4:45am Saturday morning, maison RB was echoing with the sounds of furniture moving over basement carpet, M's old canopy bed being assembled, slipcovers being laundered, fresh flowers being arranged, drapes being hung, walls being decorated (using an old monthly calendar, mind you. It's a good idea for a quick decorating change-up - just frame the lovely prints from old calendars that you liked. Except I used ribbons instead of frames, which was a tad ghetto but still pretty. I only had 1.5 days, gimme a break!), and canvases being painted with a certain someone's monogram. Then, candles were lit, pics were printed out and framed to make it feel like home, and gift baskets were assembled.

Yes, I realize that none of those things were particularly noisy, so there was not much echoing à
la maison RB. But focus. The point is, a lot was done.

And at the end, I was happy. Excuse the not-so-lovely pictures, it was MUCH better in person.

The befores of the cluttered and storagey basement room (granted, this is after we dug the bed pieces out of the closet and started messing everything up. I swear it would've been neater had it been a real 'before' pic):

The Tara-retreat-center:

Not too bad, if I don't say so myself.

And, she's doing better already! Everything's officially off, and it's onward and upward, I say :)


Stephay said...

How lovely! So when are you going to come redo my house?

I'm happy if she's happy. So will you guys still come to the east coast in May? Perchance to visit briefly?

Redframe aka Modelmental said...

What a fab hostess you are?! And I like your ghetto ribbons too. Good friend you are!