Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The fern trees outside my office have tiny new bright green baby leaves. All around I can see the coming of Spring - I can feel it in the warmer air (although I'll always miss Richmond's soft air in the literally feels like feathers brushing your skin. This doesn't happen in climates where it never gets really cold...), smell it in the great big wild rose bushes I pass on my daily work walk. They infuse the whole sidewalk next to their yard with the delicious smell of living flowers - I think I could get drunk on it..., and I can hear it in the birdsong that seems renewed with a brighter tone and quicker pace.

Today's whiteboard quote is:
"True inward quietness, is not vacancy, but stability, the steadfastness of a single purpose."
~Caroline Stephen
And inside me too, there is a new quietness. It's like a germination. And what's growing in me right now are thoughts, and ideas, about something seemingly mundane (my new work), but to me it's so important and needed, even spiritual. I think things always feel like that when they speak to your soul, and this is something I've known I was meant for since I was about 10 years old.

So I'll wait for everything to mature until it's ready to be presented to the world, the same way that nature does. All is quiet, then before you can blink, the world is suddenly full of a riot of colors and other signs of life that seemingly came out of nowhere. But they didn't, they were preparing the whole time.

The first day of Spring is Friday - what will you be doing to feel it within you?


Robyn said...

Oh wow...I love that quote. Takes a second to really disect it, but it carries so much meaning.

So glad spring is on the way. Gonna go down to the National Harbor and walk around and takes pics!

Anonymous said...

no spring here, boo! But I am dreaming of spring back home. The azeals blooming and the dogwoods, and the smell of wisteria. Mmmm, wish I was there now, but it will soon get warm and springie here..hopefully:)

The Shabby Princess said...

Ahh.. It's just starting to feel like spring (well, um, almost summer!) here and yesterday, even though I really didn't want to, I went for a run after work--enjoying just looking at all the flowers, the green, the bright sun--it was so nice. It's so amazing how not that long ago, it was freezing cold. I love it.

Stephay said...

We had a spring day, or 2 a couple weeks ago...then we had a monster snow storm. Now it's a little warm again, but supposed to go to 30 tonight, and tomorrow night, and rain the next day...then snow.....
And you said you miss the springs in Richmond. :)

It should be springlike by the middle of April.