Friday, March 27, 2009

Warming up the World, One Neck at a Time.

This is my dad's scarf that I finished earlier this week. He called me last night to say he'd gotten it and that he sits right under the air conditioning vent at work so the timing was great (yay!)

See? I'm progressing. That one's better than my yucky first one of a couple months ago, fo sho.

In other news, (good news, mind you) we're going to have a house guest as of tomorrow - yep we've spirited Tara away, to the opposite ocean, to come stay with us for a month. So you can bet your bum that I've been going nuts trying to make the basement bedroom not only livable, but inviting. I'll update you. Perhaps I'll even post before and after pictures (IF it turns out good, that is...)

Happy Friday!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

that sounds like something she def. needs!! You are such a great friend:)

Hope the basement project goes well. You are def. bravier than me

Love the scarf! Super cute!!

Robyn said...

Wow...great scarf. I'm totally impressed!

I love before and after pics. Def. do share. I'm sure you will make it look great.