Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Review: Manhattan Beach Creamery

T and I, in an effort to not just laze the weekend away at home, went down to Manhattan Beach a few days ago. We found a sweet Italian restaurant that'll be reviewed in a later post (and revisited a zillion times I'm sure), and across the street, we found this:As we'd been finishing up our lasagna and stuffed eggplant, I was bemoaning the lack of dessert menu. T mentioned the homemade ice cream signs we'd seen on the walk over, and I was in full agreement. So, after we paid the tab, promptly forgot the leftovers that would have been delicious, and re-sweatered ourselves (it was chilly this weekend), we headed across the street (dodging the Girl Scout stand on the way. I was almost persuaded until T dropped the curse that turns any food into poison - "high fructose corn syrup". C'mon Girl Scouts! Redo your cookie recipe without that stuff, and I'll send your stock back up a couple points. And send my weight up a couple pounds too...)We walked in to Manhattan Beach Creamery and my internal 7-year-old self was in heaven. I told T how amazing this place would have seemed when I was a little girl, with the chandeliers, old-fashioned furniture, and pretty displays, and he nodded, unconvinced. Ok, ok....I'm not a little girl and I still kinda thought it was amazing.I wasn't the only one either...it seemed to be a popular hangout for girlfriends and young moms. It was sunny, colorful and comfy, with massive booths, big enough for the largest family (or me and my purse, same thing), old-fashioned decor (our table's decoration was a shadowbox of antique flavoring bottles - so cute).
The counter sections:
And delicious baked goods counter (see that red velvet cupcake? Those were the special that day. They sold out of them while we were there):There were pretty displays, all ready for Easter of course:And, after a long and hard debate, we picked a flavor (who am I kidding, he said a scoop of cheesecake and a scoop of nutella and I was sold)
Happy Tuesday! I'm off to try to catch up on overdue assignments and hopefully clear some of the stacks off my desk today :)


Anonymous said...

love those display stands. Too cute!

Robyn said...

That place looks and sounds fabulous. I am a sucker for ice cream! Chocolate chip cookie dough and cookies and creme are my faves.