Monday, March 2, 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays...

...don't really get me down. As long as I have an umbrella and can mostly stay inside (because okay, chilly water from the sky dripping down my collar would be no good), and as long as it's a quiet and non-crazy Monday (because when you're doing things like hosting conferences at 7am it's not as much a day to be looked forward to).

Now, if you're talking rainy days with a couch all made up with blankets and pillows, delicious warm food, good movies, and a T to snuggle up with, I'm there!

And if you're talking about a vacation Monday, where there's no work to be gone to, rain or no rain, I'll take it!

But, no, it's just a non-rainy regular Monday.

Every morning as I'm stumbling around, brushing my teeth as #1 of 10,000 that day (thanks, invisalign!) or toweling my hair or whatever, I try to remember to praise the morning, as I'm up without pain or sickness and everyone I love is still sleeping peacefully in their beds (West Coast loved ones, that is. I have no clue what those already-up Easterners are doing). Some mornings I do remember. Today I did. And it sure does change the shape of the morning, even though I did run late, get stuck in traffic, and get so lost and concerned about my dramatic and not-so-positive current audiobook that I had to shake my head and remember where I was as I was going in to the office.

What? It's normal to get lost in things like that, right?....Hey, I'll pick that over road rage every time, considering it distracts me from the shenanigans of other drivers.

So have a happy Monday. And give praise for the morning (or afternoon, depending on where you are) because, if you're here to live it and see the sun and smell the wind, it's a good day, compared to some.


The Polka Dotted Owl said...

I love those rainy lazy warm watching a good movie eating pizza days! Hope it gets better!!!

Robyn said...

Aww that was so inspirational. You have such a positive way of thinking about things. I need to take notes. I'm such a pessimist :(

Stephay said...

From the easterner's viewpoint, what we're (meaning me) doing when it's like 5 or 5:30 am your time and 8 or 8:30 my time is opening my office door, making sure the heat is working, checking voicemails...and all the other stuff to get the office up and running.

Of course today I have been out of power since Sunday afternoon, so getting ready this morning involved frigid in-house temperatures and shoveling, scooping snow....

But I'm here and it's a lovely, sunny, freezing morning :)