Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Vampires and Finals, not vampire finals. Or final vampires. Well, maybe that last one is true.

Remember those papers that I was doing last week?
Yeah I'm working on them now instead.
(thank goodness the instructors decided to push them back!)
So this is week 2 of finals. Just seems unfair...

Watched Twilight with Tara last night.

Honestly? I didn't like it. I know so many people did, but I was watching it, anticipating enjoyment, and just kept thinking,
The first thing I noticed (in the initial science class scenes):
Wait a second, the Edward Cullen guy's ear and neck are regular-colored...oh my gosh. You mean to tell me that with ALL those production and makeup and director and grip and camera and everything folk, no one thought to put makeup on the guy's neck? good lord.
And it was downhill from there.

And granted, T and I did fall in love uber quickly and were in full-blown relationship mode by day 5, so I'm aware that it can happen, but having the first real conversation you EVER have with someone being confessing your freakishly strong love still doesn't seem all that realistic.

And that was my take on Twilight.

I think I may have ruined it a bit for Tara. We'd been having perhaps a few too many glasses of Asti and sparkling blueberry juice (my new fav) and I just couldn't hold my tongue.

Sorry Edward Cullen.

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