Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Price On His Head....

I'm putting a hit out.

Anyone who wants to take care of this certain individual for me, I will pay you one gazillion trillion infinity thousand dollars.

Let me explain.

Yesterday, at about five minutes til closin' time, as I was packing up my laptop and shutting down my other computer, my cell phone rang. Ordinarily I don't answer if I don't recognize the number (if it's important, they'll leave a message), but for some strange reason, I chose to pick up. Since it was the Orlando area code, I thought that perhaps it was someone I knew who'd changed their number or something.
Big mistake.
So I answer, and here's the conversation that ensued between me (C) and the annoying crazy caller individual (J, as in jackass....)

C: Hello?
J: Good evening, this is whoeverhewas from whateverrandomandshadycompanyhewascallinginbehalfof.
note: this was about 7:00pm, eastern time (which is where he would have assumed I was, judging by my area code. How rude!)
C: Hi, how are you?
J: I'm well, thank you. I'm calling from a company that specializes in technical support for all types of computer and electronic equipment. Are you in any need of any technical support?
C: No, actually, I think I'm fine, but thanks anyway.
J: Are you sure? Because we've been awarded in areas of blahblahblahbullcacablahblahblah....
C: Um, actually nope, I just don't have any technical issues that I need help with. But.Thanks.
J: Alright, so I will go ahead and charge your phone with $15-
C: -no. What? Why?
J: For the technical support.
C: But you called me! I didn't use your service-
J: Madam, I understand you are very frustrate. But there's nothing I can do.
note: Strike one, this charging b.s. in the first place. Strike two, calling me madam. Oh no. And strike three, using bad grammar. Yes, he did say frustrate. Don't get me started. In case you're wondering, he also had quite a strong accent, which I'm just putting in there to complete the picture. I won't say which accent, there's no sense in that. But it did make the whole thing a lot more frustrating because I could only mostly understand him.
C: Okay fine, I'll just stop payment on the charge when it comes through. Thanks. click. (well, not really since I just closed my phone but you get the idea.)

"There's nothing I can do" ?!?!
I'm sorry, I was assuming that since HE was the one who called my number off of who-knows-WHAT list and told me I was getting charged for some ridiculous made-up service, I figured that there would be "something he could do."


So I called up my good buddies at Verizon and told them about it, and if some random charge does show up, there's a note in my file and we'll cancel that bad boy right on out.


And ridiculous. Come on, if you're gonna scam me, at least be smart about it.

The end.

Today's whiteboard quote:
"Never bend your head. Hold it high. Look the world in the eye."
~Hellen Keller

ps: Oh, and by the way, the number was 407-767-2977. Any of my Orlando buddies,
don't answer this call. Any of my other buddies, lurkers or no, if you want to avenge me and all of the other folks these people have called, or if you want to just blow off some steam after a hard day, call those folks and let the bad words fly. Or if you want to report them to the CIA or FBI or X-files, be my guest.

Actually, if this dude, and his co-workers (if he has any) spends all day doing that, and making people feel like I did, and cheating folks, then I don't need to lift a finger. I'm sure getting hate sent at you via mind bullets all day (anyone who gets the mind bullet reference gets 50 points, btw) will rack up enough bad energy to do much worse than anything I could think up. Karma, J. Karma.


The Sexy Vegan™ said...

Now this is very strange...usually when you google the number of this type of call, you get sent to a site such as It's like a forum where other people who've gotten calls from a certain number can post their experiences about the calls they have gotten from that number. This number comes up as Rachels Restaurant & Lounge in Casselberry, FL, which is, from what I can tell, a high end steak house/strip club....weird...I think Mulder and Scully would definitely take this case.

here's the link:

Charis said...

Holy crikey you're right! What the HECK is going on? I'd call them and ask what in the world just HAPPENED, but I'm kinda scared.... Besides, according to the address I used to live less than 5 miles from there...TRIPLE weird!

brooke said...

WHAT?!?!! oh my goodness i would be furious and yes would have called verizon immediately!!! i cannot handle scammers!! like seriously get a real job frickface! okay now i am worked up for you!

Elizabeth Marie said...

WTH??? I have never heard of something like that...OMG I want to call that number RIGHT NOW...from a pay phone. WHAT A PSYCHO. Sorry love!!!

Your blog mafia will get em! XOXO

Hope you're having a great day!

Anonymous said...

sorry i was daydreaming about david duchovny...

still daydreaming...

Michal said...

Wait a minute. Yeah, yeah, yeah, scam is bad yeah the guy's an idiot.
But per the first commenter -- the number is from a "high end steak house/strip club"?
Have a steak and watch the naked girl?
Is it just me, or is that like really weird?
... maybe it's a florida thing ...