Monday, August 10, 2009

Toasted (one side only)

Note to self:

When you go to the beach on an early Sunday morning to beat the crowds and unhealthy UV rayage that abounds around midday, it would behoove you to remember that you are of a constitution in which you tan when you look at a picture of the sun.

Therefore, if you assume that, since there is a significant amount of cloud cover over the shoreline, it will be fine to forego your ordinary SPF 70 application ritual, may be a good idea to NOT lie on your stomach for the entire two hour span talking to your boyfriend (wearing only a hoodie over your bathing suit).

When you do this, you will pay the consequences of realizing in the car, during the drive home, that only the back side of your legs are now 3.7 shades darker than the rest of your body.

You look as if you've stood in front of the fireplace too long honey.

Just a little singed.

Today's whiteboard quote:
"Dreams do not vanish, so long as people do not abandon them." ~Phantom F. Harlock


Stephay said...

Just a little singed hmm? Ward went camping for a whole weekend and didn't wear a shirt the entire time. Other than the ticks, his biggest issue was sunburn. He even peeled!

Charis said...

Ew, ticks, gross. SO not missing Virginia right now...

yiqin; said...

LOL you are funny! I dont really go to the beach even tho it is summer all year round here.