Friday, August 28, 2009

Charis Cross CA - Road Trippin Back Down

I'm back!

So I'll start at the end of the trip, because that totally makes sense for the telling. Er, not so much? That's okay, it's my blog and I do what I want :)

Knowing that we had a full day of travel ahead of us, we started off with a very healthy breakfast.
This little chocolaterie is amazing, but you're not allowed to take pictures inside. Weird, huh? Yes, I thought so too.

We got on the road soon afterward, kissing adorable Los Gatos goodbye (figuratively, of course, and more to come about the awesomeness of that town in a future post). Starting out, the road was lined by gorgeous and ancient trees.
After awhile, the landscape flattened and became decidedly less green and more brown and yellow (not to mention more and more and more warm)
T drove along and I did this:(a project I started working on before he was born for a little one who's now a few months old. Expedient, that's my middle name...) Also, notice that bright, glaring light on my hands? It was the sun, but of course. The car's thermometer was reading 100 degrees, plus or minus five...And it was getting hotter.
12:47pm: the air conditioner stops working.
We still have four hours to go.
Trees and shade are nowhere to be seen.
I start peeling off layers, as does T.
We're down to the smallest amount of clothing possible (while in public), and still becoming delirious from the heat.
How in the world did people cross the CA mountains before air conditioning? Whew!
If you know me at all, you know that when I am deprived of sleep, I turn into a bear. My gorgeous boy does not share this trait. However, he turns into a bear when he's too hot.
(remind me never to go on a tropical vacation with him)
(see that scowl in the background?...)
(just kidding. I'd go anywhere with him. Duuuhhh. That's what slurpees are for. Yes, I know they probably have high fructose corn syrup. Desperate times call for desperate measures.)
(clearly my attempts at lightening the mood via silly pictures were unsuccessful)
--(it's really hot)---
---(we're grumpy)---
Finally, that was it! The decision was made. We could see the water from our spot on the highway....
Screw it. We're goin to the beach.
So, we pulled off the highway, followed some "beach access" signs, and paid a gazillion dollars for sunblock here:
And after I'd smeared the greasy and undoubtedly pore-clogging mixture into my face, we decided to trash the beach idea, loaded up on refrigerated water and got back on the highway. So we did.
...hours passed....
And once the highway started getting clogged rush-hour style (and the temperature did NOT go down), we decided to beat the heat and traffic, and hang out for awhile.

We were passing through Santa Barbara about then, so we drove into downtown and caught dinner at the Natural Cafe (amazing, by the way).
(very healthy on my end - veggie chili dog, and T's very unhealthy salad...)
Our buddy James stopped by and we chatted, T made another friend,
and then we made our way over to the Metro 4 to see this was it?...
Two words:
Holy. Crap.
I'll do a review post soon, don't you worry.
(if you can't wait, see it. Immediately.)

After we emerged from the theater bleary eyed and reminding ourselves that there is not actually a gigantic alien spaceship hovering above Johannesburg (ok maybe it was just me, I'm pretty sure that T was significantly more balanced), we got back on the road.

Once would think that traffic had gone.

Not so much.
But we stuck it out and were rewarded with some spectacular sunset views:And a couple of hours later, we pulled into maison a la Redondo Beach.
Home sweet home.
It's good to be back.

Oh, and by the way, the big road trip starts a month from last night.

Fitting, I say.

Today's quote:
"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"
~ Mary Oliver

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Jill Pilgrim said...

Looks like an awesome trip, minus the lack of air conditioning!