Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2008 Holidays, Part II

I left off at the band performance.

So the Heynas, otherwise known as B, T, and B's brother R, formed a little band and performed a set for family and friends on the 26th. It was good times, aside from the part where I slipped on a patch of ice outside the front door of the barn we were in, going down like a ton of bricks. I still have a bruise on my knee to prove it.

Yeah. Anyway, here are some pics.

Creepily awesome Santa and Mrs. Claus, by an amp:

The boys jammin out (like the lights? B decorated. Love the obviously man-done ribbons...):

T (with his rock star scruff) and I:

Tara (T's sister, love her) and her fiance Dean:

The next couple of days were more low-key, visiting relatives and such, then on th
e 29th we drove down to VA. I got to take T to Maymont in Richmond, my very favorite place although all the gorgeous flora is slumbering during the winter.

There's a gargantuan magnolia tree that we of course had to climb,

T was better at the whole tree climbing business than me (it's because his shoes had better traction, I swear!)

Then we snuck off into the bamboo forest for some quality time.

I love this shot.

After spending a couple of days in my town, we headed back
up to PA for the last day or two.

Dinner with T's fam:

Then, it was back home!

You'd think that T would be used to the mild cold here in SoCal, since were were just in the frigid northeast. However, he complained so much in my living room that I had to papoose him. (I say papoose, he says homeless person):

Ok, I think that's it! Whew! It seemed to go by about as quickly as the time I spent typing this, can't wait to go visit the East again. How I miss this sky-

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