Thursday, January 15, 2009

Product Review

Product name: Prime Time foundation primer, from BareVitamins (a subsidiary of Bare Escentuals)

Product description (from website):
A preservative-free foundation primer developed to combat flaky dryness, fine lines, excess oil, and enlarged pores. This mineral-infused formula glides on with no tacky feel to provide a skin-smoothing complexion prior to applying bareMinerals SPF 15 foundation for a seamlessly flawless face.

Price: $21

My experience: As a result of the staggering amount of weddings I'll be attending this year, I decided that figuring out how to make my skin stay as flawless as possible was a priority. If for pictures, if nothing else.
note: I don't have many complaints about my skin as it is. I am a definite fan of Dr. Laslow's method, which I'll put in a future post. Lets just say that I never had even decent skin (always needed a boatload of concealer every morning), until I tried this. It's simple, effective, and cheap. Now, when I'm doing it as I should (twice a day) I have nary a pimple nor blotch. I have no shame in running all types of errands w/ no makeup, and I even let T see me makeup-free within a week of our dating. (now THAT'S saying somethin...)
I bought this primer two days ago, to test out before my upcoming trip that would have multiple photo ops, I'm sure, and, lo and behold, I love. I would recommend this primer to anyone. I have combination skin, and it keeps me satiny (not matte, which is gross in its own way) all day.
another note: I'm also a proponent of Bare Minerals foundation. I just love mineral foundations. I've tried both Bare Minerals and SheerCover. I found Bare Minerals to have a superior foundation, and SheerCover a superior concealer (that stuff rocks and I don't say that lightly).

Closing yay/nay vote: A big, resounding yay. Try it. If you're not sure, buy from Ulta. You can always return it.


Anonymous said...

Hey girlie,
I hope you will have fun! I have left you an award on my blog. Check it out when you can:)

Hollie said...

i've always wondered if i should use a primer. maybe i'll try it when i actually have somewhere big to go....which is not frequent!

thanks for the recommendation!