Thursday, January 15, 2009

Leavin' On A Jet Plane

Tonight I board a plane. Sunday I do it again. Here's the betweening of now and then:

-Work til 4
-Fight traffic home
-Try on various outfits to figure out what to wear to all the wedding stuff that I'll be attending
-Shower (I find that getting ON a plane clean makes you feel less dirty when you're done. Especially because I won't be close to a shower for at least 4 hours post-flying)
-Dress (maybe dress before pack, but you know what I mean. Still not sure whether to wear pjish sweats or real clothes to fly the red-eye (awesome movie btw with Rachel McAdams and that creepily hot guy that was also in Batman). I mean, I'll be sleeping the whole time, but in the morning I'll have to go pick up my car and do the late-birthday-breakfast thing with my mom, so maybe I'll want to look presentable....suggestions welcomed!)

~oh, by the way, Happy 50th, Mom! Love you!! ~

-Drive to airport
-Board plane
-Have a layover somewhere eastcoastish
-Arrive in Richmond
-Get bags, pick up rental car
-Take mom out to late bday brunch
-Drive to Emporia
-Check in to hotel
-Finally shower and get all pretty-like
-Go to rehearsal
-Go to rehearsal dinner
-Make merry with bride and groom and family, etc.
-Return to hotel, sleep
-Wake up, get 2nd pretty-like
-Possibly attend bridesmaid's brunch (here's another imput request for you: I was invited to the brunch. I'm not a bridesmaid, but I'm singing in the wedding and have been friends with the bride since pre-puberty, aka, forever. However, I won't really know anyone there...should I go? I don't know...)
-Get 3rd pretty-like (with awesome Macy's dress! See yesterday's post)
-Go to wedding location early, then attend wedding
-Go to reception, eat, drink, dance w/ T (who I'm so excited to show off, btw), try to catch a profile picture of both bride and groom, separately, as I'm making them wedding-day silhouettes
-Return to hotel, sleep
-Awaken, (I think it'll be normal clothes on Sunday's flight; it's daytime) check out of hotel
-Drive back to Richmond
-Catch ultra-early breakfast w/ the Moms
-Return rental car, board plane
-Arrive in LA again

So that's my weekend. And me, being a dummy, just found out that we have Monday off-yay! Which will mean more recovery time from all the craziness.

Wish me luck! I'll post pics!


Tara said...

Thanks for the comment on my page:) You have a beautiful name and I look forward to reading through your blog:)
Have a safe trip and a good time at the wedding:)

Jen said...

Have a great time at the wedding! Can't wait to see pictures :)

melissa said...

so i finally signed up so i can comment on your blogs. so... how was the wedding? i saw on the net that B.S. did attend.