Monday, January 26, 2009

Going Beneath

Some reading I was doing this weekend reminded me of this practice, so I've started it up again as of this morning.

I am definitely someone who's guilty of having most of my interactions, and even a lot of my thoughts on any given workday, be "on the surface". As in, the smiley mask goes on my face and the cold polite and friendly lilt goes into my voice, and that's who I "am".

Not that this is a bad thing; my job is to be businesslike and pleasant so I'm sure it's fine as far as that part is concerned.

However, is it really? Don't you waste time that way, fundamental time that later, makes you wonder where the week/month/year(s) went?

So, in the quiet moments as I'm walking from building to building or doing an autopilot task like delivering mail or collating or something similar, I'll be consciously going beneath. To my real thoughts and feelings and ponderings.

It's like letting yourself slowly sink down to the deep end of a swimming pool. Things become quieter, slower, more significant. And then, you can see and interact with and be who you really are.

It's nice.

Just to remember, in the hustle and bustle.

For me, being beneath is noticing the changing seasons and the chill in the air, which'll be gone soon for the entire year. It's actually drinking the water in my mug that sits on my desk and feeling gratitude for its effects on my health and body, rather than letting it sit there for hours until I realize that I'm dehydrated and hurriedly down the whole thing in an effort to stay clear-skinned. It's having a real interaction, even if it's 30 seconds long as I'm signing for a package, rather than a chilly but pleasant professional one.

(hopefully tonight, it'll be enjoying putting my house together after the move rather than seeing all the things that need to be done combine to be a seemingly insurmountable task)

Where's your underneath?

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