Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wedding Weekend Recap

We're definitely into the following week, and I have nearly fully recovered from the craziness that was this weekend. Let me explain.

We flew out Thursday night, after a mixup with the sis (a.k.a. driver to airport) which required us getting an impromptu cab.

I'm not the biggest fan of cab rides. They're always so awkward.

ANYway, after a red eye flight that included plenty of snoring from behind us and uncomfortable positioning, along with clock changes and random layovers -

3 flight delays. I crocheted, T slept on my shoulder in JFK-Kennedy airport. I think a girl across the aisle from us snapped a picture on her phone. What the heck...

-finally, we arrived in Richmond. I picked up my rental car. Oh,

...let me mention. I love California right now. It is freaking cold back East. Brrr.

-I dug out my coat from my checked baggage, hightailed it through the frigid air into the rental car garage, and saw, my rental Buick.

...wait a second...

The last, and only other, time I rented a car I got the little economy one. All weekend (this was coincidentally for another wedding in April '08) I felt like I was driving a matchbox car, and not in a good way.
This time, I decided that, since the economy, compact, and mid-sized cars were all the same price, I figured why not? It'll be nice to ride in, say, a Chrysler Sebring (which was my first love of the automotive variety, and the description on the website for that car type).

And I get a Buick. It was like driving a very smooth, Titanic-sized boat.

But, by Saturday evening, I was used to it. All was fine. And taking a break from my little Saturn to drive a car with seat-warmers was quite nice. Especially when it was in the teens outside.

So, Friday morning, we had breakfast/lunch with the Moms in Richmond. It was lovely. Next, down to the big E to check into the hotel, hurrying to get ready for the rehearsal, then said rehearsal and later, the rehearsal dinner. Which was more like a festival, there were so many people there! I knew, 5 perhaps.

With college friend Kelly and the coolest 6th grader ever:

And with T, of course:Back to the hotel, and to sleep. The next morning, after sleeping in after the bridesmaids' brunch (that was 8am for me!) I snuck out for an hour and visited by beloved Melissa and baby Nicholas, who I thought about stealing. Hey, he could fit in my carry-on! :)

Then, (drumroll please...) the wedding. It was gorgeous. There were about 5,000 people in the wedding party, my little song went just fine I guess, and it was great to see all the folks who I haven't laid eyes on in nearly a decade.

After the vows were said and everyone was on their way to the reception, T and I dodged back to the hotel to grab the camera (which I had awesomely forgotten...dang those little purses) and then followed suit.

How does 6 miles down a country road feel like you've been driving all night? Love it.

T and I at the reception, this pic taken by a bartender (of course):
...and this is where I started to get self-conscious. I had a wine glass in my hand, of course, and when I felt awkward, I took a sip. And when I didn't know what to say, I took a sip. And when, on the wedding video playing on the wall for those who didn't go to the ceremony my face appeared and people noticed it was me, I sipped.

And when my glass was empty I, as auto-pilot as everything else, refilled.


Poor T.

But I think (hope) he's the only one who noticed.

Emporians who're reading this, don't correct me :)
All things considered, especially my amazing boyfriend who attended to me all night and during the following morning's (early) plane ride back to CA although being quite annoyed with me, it was a lovely time.

And not just cause of the ice sculptures at the wedding. And a photo booth (see initial pic). Although those were awesome.

Oh, and the macy's dress (I swear that it only looks like I have a weird pudge):
Happy Inauguration Day!


Anonymous said...

Chocolate with anything is always a recipe for FUN! Wow, that sounded way dirtier on here than in my mind. The dress and you looked totally FAB!! I am glad you had a fun and safe trip.

Charis said...

Thanks! And you're correct about chocolate!