Monday, January 5, 2009

Holiday Recap Part I

This holiday season was busy, to say the least. Let's get started!

On Christmas eve, M and I, being the progressive and modern girls that we are (progressive & modern = impatient and rule-breaking), decided to exchange presents that night, rather than on Christmas Day.

Fun wrapping-paper-taking-off-while-preserving-it-to-make-curly-ribbons-for-future-presents time. (that's all you, M!) It was fun. And I got some awesome presents. TWO copies of a book I've been wanting for years, and though I'm thankful and all, I'm not exactly sure what to do with the extra one's amazing, so I'll probably regift it. That serves as fair warning to the gift-givers, I think. If they read my blog....oh well, doesn't matter :)

Oh, the book is Ingathering by Zenna Henderson. It's odd, but I looove love it. Makes me cry every time.

The next morning, after I did actually open my Mom's present that had arrived a few days prior - a pink GPS! And I'm not a pink person at all, but not gonna lie, I love it. Albeit the fact that I'm an idiot and stood outside in my tank top pj's freezing while I held it out and waited for
it to find satellites...

Note: How odd is that? A little box that, in order for it to work, all you need to do is hold it out so it can see the sky, and forever after, it can always tell where you are and where to go and what time you'll get there and how fast you're currently going and....magic! Just sayin. If
you didn't understand how it worked, it would be....

....then, we used the ready-to-go magic GPS (that has since been named
Clarissa by T, "because she explains it all" hehehe) to get out to M's jumping family's house by Perris, otherwise known as BFE. Just sayin.

Dinner was delicious and included funny stories and amazing food (thanks Pat!), then off to the airport. M dropped me off, eye mask in hand, the flight was delayed 15 minutes which gave u
s just enough time to swing by home and pick up my amazing leather gloves that I was mourning having left behind (at the airport I got a text from M saying "you know that it's your fault the plane was late. The Universe didn't want you to have cold hands"...) and onto the plane I went.

What's up with having to pay for even ONE checked bag these days? Robbery. Anyway...

On the plane I wound down, got comfy, pulled my sleep mask down, and...

...directly behind me, a baby starts to fuss.

Not proper crying, just fussing. The type that's not bratty or spoiled, but that means that the little one is really uncomfortable. (No wonder, I thought later as I saw the size of the kid and the fact that the parents expected her to sleep all night on one of their laps in a chair that barely reclines...)

I pulled the mask up. She stopped. Pulled it down, she started.


This went on for just about the ENTIRE six-hour flight into Newark. About 4.5 hours in, as the other people in my row are writhing in discomfort similar to the baby's at this point and I can hear the parents whispering threats to her, I was THIS CLOSE to turning around in my chair and asking if they would mind if I just take her and walk her up and down the center aisle. Heck, at least ONE of us would be more comfortable if both of us had to be awake anyway...

But I didn't.

Finally, we arrived! T came to pick me up at the airport (did I mention how painful m
y withdrawal had grown at this point? Anything less than several hours a day with him is unacceptable...) and the drive started.

Note #1 here: T is amazing. He had to get up at 4am to come get me. And he w
as smiling.

Note #2: I saw snow for the first time in 5 years! Very, very excited about that. T was less excited about me leaning all the way into his line of vision to get a good picture...

We stopped at Cracker Barrel for breakfast (a must-do for this Californian when on the much-missed east coast) and I ate my delicious food, took pictures of the weird old family photographs next to my table,

And of my T, across my table (and annoyed that I was taking yet ANOTHER picture..):

Then, we were on our way back to Hazleton, to see the fam. And for the band performance that night. That's for another blog.

Have a great day!

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