Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Carrots on the...Kitchen...Counter?

Last night I met Terry at the door of my house when he came over after work. I was in a pleated blue halter dress with black high heels on. (oh, and dangly earrings. Don't forget those) Dinner was finishing up on the stove (one of my new resolution recipes that I got from a fellow blogger's page a bit back) and it was lovely.

Tonight, we had...

Hot Dogs.

Well, chili dogs.

That were leftovers I copped from work today after a weekly afternoon tea that we have catered.

And we sat on the counter and ate them.


Jen said...

Were those gluten free buns?

Charis said...

No ma'am....I'm so ashamed. He did okay though!

Stephay said...

Chili dogs...yum! Did they have chili AND cole slaw? My mouth is watering.... I want some hot dogs....oh and some french fries cooked in crisco!